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Sunday, April 23, 2006

All creatures great and small

One of those mornings of golf where nothing goes right inspite of the right mindset and weather. However, things didn't help having an antipodean guest, whom had never played 18 holes on a proper golf course before and with a borrowed set of clubs managed to par the first 5 holes and finish with a 2 under par to the full handicap we had awarded him. I'm sure I heard the strum of a Mexican guitar somewhere in the background.

A very fine champagne and full English breakfast at the Plume this Morning to celebrate Fluey's leg break being back to full health, needless to say Dee was being kept at a distance inspite of constant humming of 'Bolero' around the bar. Cheers Jim!

And finally to those who missed it - get a copy of The Mail on Sunday's 'You' magazine - Alice's story, an inspiration to us all -yeah right!

So after Golf on Saturday,I came home to what was probably the first decent spring weekend afternoon and decided that a quiet afternoon on the patio with a book and a glass of wine was in order. Have you ever noticed how much spring shagging is going on, and how noisy it is, goes on at this time of year? Everything is at it, from two honeybees over my book to five buzzards vying for the consent of two females on a thermal above my head, not to mention the two bucks rutting the other side of the hedge and the cows calving in the yard next door. That reminded me of Swindon maternity ward two in the morning 18 years ago - quiet afternoon in the garden? nah, when the prat in the biplane decided to pick my patch of the countryside to practice his cunning stunts in, I decided to head for my study.


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