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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Course work

I have a theory concerning the high percentage level of GCSE and A level passes that we see now compared with my exam days (1973). My son, who is currently home for half term, asked me last night if I could help him with his Design Technology course work, which involved the design and manufacture of an embossing press. No problem, I said as I pulled out a sketch pad and started working out some ideas. He pulls out his laptop ( which is newer, faster and bigger than my Dell inspiron) and proceeded to interpret my designs using the latest version of Autocad! He then asked me if I could photocopy an entire file for his PE human resources course.
In our day we had to hand write and draw and colour in each diagram, now they can go on the internet, search for the model and copy and paste it into their paper.
No wonder the pass rates are so high, the information is so available through technology that they do not have to put in the research and background work that we did. For instance if you wanted to review a piece of work by Keat's, you would not go to a library, spend ages looking for the particular passage and hand copying it out. You just type "Keats" in google click on the relevant passage and print.


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