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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Blonde on Blonde

Debbie is my favourite female artist of all time and certainly one of the most fanciable, however a band booked to support Blondie has been told they can't go on beforehand because their lead singer is blonde. M.A.S.S were booked to open for Blondie at a gig in Amsterdam, but minutes before the show started they were told they couldn't perform first. The promoter told them they could only perform after Blondie - whose lead singer Debbie Harry is blonde.
I'd I have thought someone would have noticed this when booking the band, but who's really being pedantic here? Debbie has never been known to be demanding. Having seen Blondie live in the early days when they were tight but having seen a recent TV live performance, I would guess that it as more a case of a fear of M.A.S.S. upstaging Blondie.


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