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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Give the dog a bone

My dog's really pissed off with this. Eurocrapiness at its best! Butchers can no longer give the dog a bone. Butchers across the UK are to be banned from giving left-over bones to customers' dogs.
Under new EU rules bones are classed as a waste by-product and butchers must pay for them to be incinerated, says The Sun.
Britain's 10,000 butchers are being sent letters by local councils warning them they face fines if they pass left-over bones to pet-owners in the traditional way. Butchers in Cardigan, West Wales, are the first to get the warnings. Aled Morgan from Aberystwyth, said: "I just don't see where the EU is coming from."It's going to cost at least £2,000 a year to dispose of fat and bones."
The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has confirmed the bone ban. A spokesman said: "If the bone is waste or for pet food then it's a by-product and cannot be passed to the public. "It must be properly disposed of in line with regulations. Customers can take bones when they buy deboned meat if it is for human consumption."

What a load of bollocks, we've been getting bones of the butchers for years. Does this mean that dogs are no longer be able to have a bone, if all by-products must be destroyed you won't even be able to buy one.


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