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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Local comment - Marina fight continues

I see that West Berks Council (Gawd Bless 'em) will finally rule on the 'controversial' 120 berth Marina next to Freemans Marsh in two weeks time and it looks as though they will rule in favour of the application, although the final decision rests with John Prescott. Now I have no problem with this as I've supported the plan, but Mr Ticehurts and his antis - The friends of the old piggery site very nearly adjoining but in fact some way away from Freemans Marsh" are going to be hopping mad if it is approved and will no doubt chain themselves to the railing alongside the A4 whilst appealing to the European court of justice. This anti brigade claim to be 400 strong but only 10 of them live anywhere near Freemans Marsh or even in Hungerford.
Why can't they accept the inevitable and trust to professional environmentalist to ensure that the developement causes no harm.


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