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Monday, May 17, 2004


Well we finally had a good weekends weather,unfortunately no golf as my partners were all away so I spent Saturday morning with the girls and the horses. I was very nearly tempted to ride (I haven't ridden for 8 years)but I was inappropriately dressed (Shorts and deck shoes) besides I didn't have my riding hat. Well that's my excuse anyway.
Now sad as this may seem, I have always enjoyed watching the Eurovision song contest, which I did on Saturday night. This contest must now be renamed the Balkanvision contest.
It seems that unless your from a former Russian country you haven't got a chance, and the music has nothing to do with it. This makes it even worse from the UK's standpoint. We had a good song but hardly anyone voted for us or Ireland, this wasn't because they didn't like the song but they don't like us. The UK has become the social Pariah of the new Europe. Thank you Mr Blair!


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