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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Why doesn't anyone ever visit my guestbook?

As you can see I get a lot of visitors to this site, however the only identification of my visitor is an IP address. It would be really nice if you would leave a comment in my guestbook, I really don't care what it says, I would just like to know someone other than Grocer Jack, Right Girl and Nigel actually reads this stuff - Thank you
In case you haven't noticed I'm feeling rather down and depressed today and would rather be playing Spain! infact I'd rather be doing anything, anywhere else in the world where its not cold and raining, a pint of guinness doesn't cost £2.75, petrol is not £4.00 a gallon, where you don't stand a chance of getting mugged on evey street corner, where there's not a 9 month waiting list for an operation and your job is taken by a refugee and every penny we earn is taxed to the hilt!

If I was female I'd put it down to PMT. Is there such a thing as the Male menopause?


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