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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

YOPS they used to call it

Ananova:- German brothels are to be ordered to offer work experience and trainee posts if they want to continue doing business.
According to a draft bill that has been agreed by the coalition government, all companies with more than 10 staff members must provide work experience and training places and brothels are no exception, says the German Ministry for Education, Training and Research.
A number of Green Party politicians have called for an exception to be made for the sex industry. They say it would lead to bordello owners registering fewer girls as staff members in order to avoid the extra costs affiliated with providing training.
In turn prostitutes who are not officially employed would receive no health insurance.
But the Education Ministry rejected the Greens' calls saying it would cause the lines between nightclubs and brothels to become blurred.
The Ministry added that because prostitution was not a profession as such, the trainee and work experience posts offered by brothels should be for people working alongside the prostitutes as waiters and waitresses, book-keepers or sales and marketing staff.


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