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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

matters of less importance (all of a sudden)

I was supposed to be playing in a golf competition this afternoon, however I had said that I was unlikey to be available due to only just getting back from Hols but said I would make it if I could. I forgot all about this until lunchtime when I was reminded. I still had time to get my clubs and change, but you know somehow 7 days lying on a beach seems to chill you out somewhat so the prospect of a round unusually didn't appeal to me and there's still work to catch up on - besides it's pissing with rain - sorry lads, hope we managed to retain the cup, I'm sure my score would not have helped anyway! I think I'm going to wait until the weather warms up before I start playing golf again - Well I'll give it until the weekend anyway.

I read a great book whilst on hols -The Star of the sea. Joesph O'Connor (click for review) basically about the plight of the Irish tennant farmers in the late 19th Centrury and due to famine their desperation to emigrate to America. A thoroughly good read which i recommend. I wonder if anyone reading it would notice the similarities to todays imigration policies in the states? A country that can treat UK citizens at imigration today in the manner that they do, can not be trusted when they say that they treat all casts the same.


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