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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Spills and Thrills

It's not often that I mention my illness, or condition as I prefer to refer to it, as it rarely gets me down (Those unfamiliar with my condition read my homepage -see links opposite), but things have not gone well since my last post.
I was getting ready for Thursday nights AGM, and went to get my dinner suit and dress shirt from the spare room wardrobe. I had the suit in one hand and the shirt in the other and as I turned round I lost my balance. This is not unusual and happens several times a day, I normally shout 'tilt' to myself and grab the nearest solid object, normally a door or wall. Unfortunately with both hands full I was unable to stop myself and went over like the proverbial. Again this is not unusual in itself other than this time I caught several other objects at the same time. The first being the edge of a desk, which gashed my left thumb, the second, the back of a chair which caught my cheek bone and the third the edge of the cupboard door which broke my right hand middle finger.
Belinda was in the kitchen, the radio was on and the spare room is someway from the kitchen, so she didn't hear me fall or call out for help. Unfortunately when this happens I often go into shock as in this case when I saw the blood from my gashed thumb. Belinda eventually heard my calls for help and got me into the bedroom.
Now this may sound strange, but my only concern at the time was that I would be unable to tie my Bowtie and is a skill that Belinda has been unable to master. After patching up and painkillers I decided that I would still attend the AGM as it is one piss up not to be missed. The problem was getting dressed without getting blood on my shirt, a task which we failed to do. So this was the first RT do that I actually arrived at with blood on my shirt, it's normally the other way around.
So having recovered enough to walk and borrowed my son's elasticated bowtie, Belinda drove me to the Plume where we were meeting prior to getting taxis to Littlecote Manor. This is where I discovered my first problem. I use a waling stick with my right hand, the broken finger which we had strapped with plaster to my other finger made it very difficult to hold, which is when I discovered the second problem ,and the worst,- holding a pint! But I managed, but my main concern was whether I would be able to go to the loo on my own - this is when you find out who your true friends are! Anyway after several pints, wine and pain killers all went well and I got home in one piece, which is more than I can say for some of the others as the yard of ale was doing overtime.
Fortunately Friday being a day off gave me the chance to rest and recrupriate.


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