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Monday, April 05, 2004

... Our Anniversary

Sunday also marked our 23rd Wedding anniversary. I had it perfectly worked out, lunch at 1.00pm at Cassanova's, then back home for an afternoon of champagne and chocolate in bed and watch old Movies and what ever else comes into mind. Dominic had gone clay shooting with his mate so all looked set.
The delay in the Golf starting meant that we didn't finish until 1.30, but I had already called Belinda and she called the restaurant to change the table time to 2.00. I managed to get home, change, collect Belinda and get to Cassanova's by 2.05pm. We got to the bar, I was gagging for a beer, as I hadn't time for one at the club. This restaurant does not sell Guinness, but bottled beer or draught Stella. So I had the Stella, took 2 sips and the waitress comes up and say's our table is ready would we sit down. There were a couple of friends at the bar that we would have liked to spend some time with , but no we were told we must order now as the kitchen closes in 15mins and please sit down.
So We ordered an Anti Pasto to share, I had the special (which was anything but) and Belinda Saltimbocca and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Well it all arrived in about 2 minutes and it was all pretty bland, we passed on the desserts and coffee and decided on the bill. They are open for drinks all afternoon, but we decided we rather go home and relax. Bill £68.80 excluding service! I'm getting very pissed off with them, the quality is not worth the money, so we'll not be eating there again.
Get home for undisturbed afternoon of promised passion only to find Dominic and his mate in hallway complete with all manner of shooting paraphenallia (having got a lift from the clay shoot) and declare they are going Rabbit shooting for the night and would spend the night at our stables, sleeping in the barn. Oh well, at least we'll have the evening to ourselves the only drawback being I've got to drive them to the Paddock and they won't be redy for another half an hour, and I'm dying to get stuck into the Champange. Neeless to say it was the quickest journey to and from the stables i've made.


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