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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Give them to the French

Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes has resigned after officials exposed lax controls allowing migrants from Romania and Bulgaria to enter the country with forged papers.

Er why only her? what about the home secretary and the rest of the Home Office who have been allowing immigrants into this country without restrictions for years. Illegal or legal 1,000's of refugee's flood into this country, many on false papers many without any form of documentation almost daily, at what point do we close the door and stop the flood. At what point do we declare the country's full up, no more room?

Whilst I believe some people are true refugees, persecuted by their own regimes are we the only country in the world to offer a home - why can't the French have them - their country's 4 times the size of the UK and perhaps if we send Beverley Hughes et al over there she could help them.

I'm going to the pub!


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