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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Did you spot the April Fools

Our national newspapers have been having their annual day of fun by publishing April Fool's Day stories to dupe readers.
The Daily Mail reckons it has a photograph, captured by a tourist, of the Queen clutching a copy of Racing Post as she pops into a Windsor bookies to put a bet on the Grand National.Their doctored photographs show Her Majesty walking four of her corgis to a branch of William Hill and studying the form inside before placing her bet.

Meanwhile, a full-page advert in The Guardian says new technology from BMW means drivers can now cook their dinners from their car as they drive home from work.The advert for "SHEF technology" says it uses satellite technology to link controls in the car to the driver's oven in their kitchen at home. An "oven-cam" on the car dashboard shows how dinner is doing.The advert directs readers to a website where the realisation of being duped on April Fool's Day dawns.

The Independent claims avant garde musician Brian Eno is writing a new theme tune for The Archers.The paper says the former Roxy Music keyboard player's new tune will have the feel of "club music" about it and will shock fans of the long-running BBC Radio 4 show.

The Sun reckons Thames Valley police are fitting hawks with cameras in an effort to catch speeding drivers in Oxfordshire. It says the birds will swoop on drivers who have been spotted by their handlers.

But one story that has an April Fool's feel about it, is actually true. The Times reports the release of details from the National Archives about British plans to use a chicken-powered nuclear bomb during the height of the Cold War.Tom O'Leary, head of education and interpretation at the National Archives, said: "It does seem like an April Fool but it most certainly is not. The Civil Service does not do jokes."


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