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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Jamie Oliver burns penis while cooking roast

I'm glad I don't have a pictute of this but apparently Jamie Oliver burnt his penis while cooking a St Valentine's Day meal for his wife - naked. He stripped off to treat wife Jools, but wound up in agony when he got too close to the oven.
Oliver said: "It was on Valentine's Day. I was naked in the kitchen and burnt my penis. I really ruined my evening - and my night."
He was apparently preparing a roast when the unfortunate incident happened.He later treated Jools to a Paris break to make up for their ruined Valentine's dinner, says The Sun.

The father of two has also revealed he does all the cooking at home but has hired a cleaner because he can't bear tidying up.
"Jools is obsessed with cleaning but I'm very bad at it. As soon as we could afford it, we hired a maid. It's our only luxury and I love it. I even leave the towels on the floor when I've been in the bathroom."

I guess thats so he can watch her bend down and pick them up .The mind boggles!


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