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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Teenagers, who'd have them

Dominic , my son tells me yesterday - "just going down to Cornwall for a few days surfing, we've got a lift with Jack's Dad and can get a lift back with his sister on Sunday". Well the first bit's ok but Jack's sister has never driven on the motorway before and has a clapped out Escort (car I mean not Male Company) Now this I have a proplem with. A severn Hour journey which includes 3 hours of motorway driving with a novice girl driver and oh did I mention 2 Chinese girls who want dropping of a Bath University on the way. Nah.
It's Easter weekend and, Golf apart, I would like to spend the weekend as a family, so Dominic - who when I rang his mobile at 10.30 last night to see if he'd arrived declared that they were only just leaving Hungerford - agreed to come back on the train on Friday. The drawback - £89.00 per single ticket oh and can I put this in his account today so he can buy his ticket? Oh and can we sub Jack? hmm perhaps a quiet weekend on our own seems a good idea afterall - and I don't think Dominic has ever been to Bath.


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