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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

General tittle tattle

I do like the new Anastasia release and must get the album, I've always rated her voice and she's not half good looking to boot (But why one would want to boot her I haven't a clue - or actually where this posting going - no I haven't been drinking) Ah yes! What I was going to say was how singles are played to death on radio2 before their actual release date. This is so when the CD is on sale it goes straight into the top 10 of the sales chart. Unfortunately they rarely hold their position for longer than a week or increase on their entry position as everyone is sick to death of it by the time its been on Top of the Pops. Its the same with the Scissors Sisters track, Radio 2 play it non stop, I really liked it at first and would have bought the album, but now I'm not so sure.

Glad to hear the London Duran Duran gig was a success last night, wish I could have been there.
Rugby tonight, Dominic is playing against Hants (along with the west of the squad) Kick off at 5,00pm so we are going to have to leave soon, the match is at Chinor near Aylesbury and yes the eyebrow stud Has been taken out. All we have to do is locate it and 'Lose' it. I'll let you Know tomorrow.
Off to Spain on Tuesday for a weeks R&R so won't be blogging after the weekend. Just to make Grocer Jack jealous we have the use of a villa over looking the 2nd Tee at the Villa Martin Golf course just south of Alicante. Been going there for the last 10 years and they definitely have buggies, so will report on return.


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