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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well I Tried

This morning was our monthly stableford competition, as we went to bed last night Belinda said that she assumed I wouldn't be playing golf in the morning. Well you know how it is, I got up at 7.30 and examined my wounds. I removed the strapping on my fingers, went downstairs and got hold of a golf club, I reckoned I could do it and you can't let the team down can you. So I showered and dressed, struggled to get the clubs in the back of the car and made my way to the club.Belinda slept on as she was riding this morning.
I felt ok but would not know until I hit the first tee shot having already discussed my predicament to my colleagues. Well it was obvious that not having scored a single point after 3 holes that things were not going to improve, and then my legs went, I guess a bit of aftershock, but really a sign that I can no longer keep this up. I managed to finish 9 holes but only down to Paul holding me up most of the way. They have made it clear that if I want to continue playing with them I have to get a ride on buggy. I have resisted this for the past year as walking 18 holes every weekend was a benchmark on my condition, as long I could still do that, I figured that I still had some independence left besides it is the only exercise I get, the golf game has always been secondary, but finally after 10 years of living with this I am going to have to be less stubborn and accept advice and help from friends.

Well we are now going to sit down and whatch the DVD 'Love Actaully' so that should cheer me up and -by the way - The Boy came home from Cornwall last night with a pierced eyebrow complete with bar/stud - how did I react? well at first I pretended not to notice then pointed out that It could hurt a bit in his next County rugby match on wednesday especially as he plays front row! I think it'll be gone by tomorrow


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