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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sad Loss

I was sorry to hear of the death of Caron Keating yesterday at the age of only 41. Again breast cancer takes its toll and, as I discussed this with Belinda last night, it is a reminder that all women of all ages must do everything they can to be aware of the dangers or practices that can encourage cancer. Somehow every woman should be screened regularly not just women over 50, but all women and the government should be encouraging this through the NHS. Most women have regular cervical smear test so why not every woman has a breast screening annually? This ever growing loss of life at young ages through cancers of all types, both men and women is not acceptable in this technological day and age.
We can't stop all cancer, but we can cure most of them if they are detected early enough, especially Breast Cancer. So get 'em checked!

A win last night at the Rugby, though close 8-7 to us against Hants, it wasn't a particularly exciting match, and quite a long drive there and back. Thank god for Curry Express (our local curry home delivery service). We called at 8.30 on our way back estimating our arrival home at 9.15. Unfortunately the Indian Gentleman taking the order, does not have a very good command of the English Language and failed to take in the 9.!5 bit. Now normally when you order from Curry Express, they always say ' that'll be in 45 mins then Boss.' So I figured we would have it about right anyway. At 9.00 we are just coming into Wantage when the delivery driver calls to say he is waiting outside the door and there's no one at home and he couldn't wait. I told him we would be there in 10 mins (knowing we would be longer) and I'd make it worth his while.(we were all starving and didn't cherish the idea of going into Hungerford to eat out) . Well Belinda was driving and all I can say is I've never made it from the far side of Wantage via Shefford to Kintbury in 13 minutes. The driver was just leaving as we arrived, so all ended well.


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