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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Honey I'm Home

Sorry Jack but this was the view from my balcony, the 2nd Tee at Villa Martin (click on pic to enlarge). We were very lucky with the weather, but got severely sun burnt on the first day on the beach not realizing how strong the sun was.Now shedding large portions of skin, Belinda calls me Lizzard. Spain is still very cheap, everything about half price to the UK. A very reasonable bottle of Rioja Criannza €5 in the supermarkets a 3 course meal for 2 with wine €30 (about £20). So after 7 days of beach reclining, reading, eating and drinkiing it's now back to work. Can't say I've missed the internet. I did twitch once whilst passing an internet cafe- thought about checking email - but a sharp bark of "Heal Boy" from Belinda kept me on the wagon, so we headed for a bar instead. 370 emails when I got home 360 off them junk. More later


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