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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yoh, Yoh! And 3 points for you

Post arrived this morning with a nice little letter from the Metropolitan Police (working for a safer London) informing me that their speed Nazis had taken a nice snapshot of my car whilst traveling at an excess speed of 40mph on the M25 through a road works section at Thorpe. Well its not often that you can go faster than 40 on the M25 - but then it was 4.30 in the morning so I guess that's another 3 points and £60 in the pocket of the Met's camera bank account - this has got to stop.

Nice round of golf this morning, although damp underfoot managed to stay dry. Played with Myles whom I haven't played with for sometime, most enjoyable. The course was very quiet as tomorrow is medal day and the new Captains drive in - start of the club new season, so I guess everyone is playing tomorrow.

After my posting about Marillion and venues etc, Grocer Jack pointed out that they have a single out, straight in at No.7 in the chart and Guns n' Roses are top of the album chart (although radio 1 won't play it). Does this mean that good old rock is finally coming back. There are some excellent new bands in the charts at the moment -Maroon 5 -who sound uncanily like Jamouriqui, Franz Ferdinand, The Rasmus, The Muse. Proper guitar bands seem to be making a comeback hopefully to displace the seemingly popular Gangster rap style which has dominated the scene for the last couple of years, with meaningless lyrics smattered witobscenitieses which must make any parent of young children cringe when top of the pops is on the TV. The current No.1 is a little ditty entitled " Fuck it I dont want you back" Sung by some guy called Eamon who performs the entire piece whilst holding his crotch. What's with this? Michael Jackson started it in the early 90's and its seems derigeur for any rap artist to perform with his hand firmly grasping his manhood whilst dressed in a hoody and constantly pointing his other finger at a space somewhere infront whilst chanting 'Yoh, yoh fuck it yoh. Sod it , I must be getting old, I sound just like my Father.


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