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Thursday, April 29, 2004

See what I mean

This relates to the latter part of my last post:
Ananova: Woman, 97, handcuffed for motoring offence

Police in Dallas handcuffed a 97-year-old woman and took her to jail for a minor motoring offence. Dolly Kelton was driving to a beauty shop when she noticed flashing lights in her rear-view mirror. She was pulled over and arrested because she had failed to pay a fine for an expired car registration sticker. The Dallas Morning News says local police have a no exceptions policy and everyone gets treated the same. Police officers arrest, handcuff and jail all offenders - even people accused of minor traffic offences.
She was in police custody for about two hours before her attorney arrived and she was released. Mrs Kelton said she had an unblemished 80-year driving record but accepts the blame and doesn't fault the police for doing their duty. However, she added: "I think it's still stupid and uncalled for. They ought to be out on the street arresting criminals, not poor, aged ladies."

This comes after yesterday's story of a UK man and his wife going on holiday to New York and being arrested and held in a cell for 48 hours by immigration. Whilst scanning his passport it was revealed by the computer that he had an left an unpaid bill from Qatar (UAE) from when he worked there (for a US company) a small amount which had actually been settled. He was arrested and verbally abused by immigration, handcuffed and legcuffed for the entire 48 hours and left in a cell. He was unable to get help from the British Embassy as he had not actually been admitted entry into the US. His wife was badly treated and basically left to sort our her own accommodation etc and again verbally abused by immigration. Their response is an unpaid bill is a crime in the US and although the debt was with a foreign government it was still a crime. Entry to the US on a visitors visa can be denied if that person has committed a crime. "we treat everyone the same, whether the debt is for $4.00 or$40,000"
I wonder what would happen if we applied these rules, certainly our immigration problem would be solved but basically the message is clear DON'T GO TO THE US if you have an unpaid parking ticket! Welcome to the USA the land of equality. - apologies to Right Girl and Dennis


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