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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Local comment - Town Council

Congrats to Mansil for his Mayoral election. I hear it was a close run thing but I think the result is probably best for the Town. David has done an excellent job over the last year and only had half a council due for the first six months due to an unfortunate start to the year. However had the vote gone the other way on Monday I fear there would have been a repeat of this and we would have ended up with an non unifde council yet again - good luck to all with new responsibilities within council- use them for the benefit of the town only!

Further to my posting on Monday, I have just renegotiated my membership at Deanwood Park Golf club, thanks for that John, if your local to the Newbury area and considering joining a friendly golf club with a good social scene you wouldn't go far wrong with Deanwood - what it lacks in lenght it makes up for in the need for skill.


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