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Monday, May 17, 2004

Local comment - Local Town Plan

Now that I know Cllr. Bob Gray reads this blog I can use it to congratulate him and comment on the launch of the Hungerford Town Plan. I attended the Launch last Thursday and thought that Bob has done a wonderful job in pulling everyone together and for leading the initiative.
However I hope that the steering group and sub commitees do not get hijacked by certain groups whom hold extreme views and personal agendas. I noted many of them in attendance at the meeting and know their purpose.
It was a pity that there was not a younger element present, as the town plan is a blueprint for 2010+ this affects them more than anyone. The majority of the attendees were 60+, and I think Jack Williams had it right when he said this should have been started 2 years ago.
I wish Bob, the Town council and contributors to the Town plan all the luck the scheme deserves.


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