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Sunday, May 23, 2004

A good weekend

I really enjoyed my round of golf on Saturday Morning, unfortunately I only got to play 9 holes as my 6.30 alarm didn't go off. The first time in 5 years I have ever missed a Tee time. I awoke looked at the clock - 7.45- tee time 8.00am distance to golf club 20 mins + sht, shower and shave = phone call to pro shop, tell my 4 ball they,ll be a 3 ball until the 10th. Anyway I had a good 9, and it was the first this year without waterproof's and in short sleeves, in this country anyway.
We attended the Rotary Pledge auction last night held at the corn exchange, which was a well attended do and raised £4000 for the Local Primary school. Well done to Rotary and especially Norman who ran the show seamlessly and Judith who looked fantastic as the autionier's secretary! However some of the lots pledged were definitely on the ify side.
Today has been excellent weather wise, Belinda left early (7.30) to go riding so I had a lie in with the only duty of going to the supermarket to get veg and cook Sunday luncblindnda due home around 2.00pm. No problem, prepare joint, par boil potatoes for the roasties, slam in the joint timed to be ready for 2.15 nip to supermarket for 12.00, get veg (5 mins to steam) = 1 hour in pub and a few pints of guinness and time to get home to put in the roasties -yeah right.
12.10 whilst in supermarket, call on mobile, horse has thrown shoe- will be home at 1.00 -shit! Well not so bad really, as I the weather was so good I went straight home, opened a bottle of red and sat on the patio and read the papers - and saved myself £20.00 - got shit faced after an excellent lunch and still managed to read all the papers. Did I mention the FA cup final- no I didn't think I did!


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