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Monday, May 24, 2004

Morrissey - The final Post

Well I have actually got to knuckle down to some work over the next couple of weeks. I have to design, edit and publish a new brochure on Anomaly Detection in security for the DTI and submit my proposals for the Knowledge Transfer first call. The latter basically means that I get my contract extended for another couple of years if my proposals are accepted ,if not then it's creek street, so posts over the next couple of weeks may be erratic.

Friday night is my favorite night for TV, basically because its the only night that there's anything worth turning on for. Habit for the past 35 years has me watching Top of the Pops, which I still watch just to moan about the miming and lack of decent guitar bands and artists who can actually play an instrument - though that is fast changing with excellent bands such as Maroon 5, Muse, Rasmus and Franz Ferdinand. Anyway TOTP is followed by another of my favorites - My Family, then Have I Got News For You and then The Jonathan Ross show, who often has great guests (although last week we had to endure Morrissey, but made up for it this week with Carol Vorderman)
So after JR I was really looking forward to the return of Later with Jools Holland, and the show opened with the first artist - Morrissey! AAARGH! Even the prospect of former Squeeze member Glen Tilbrook doing a session couldn't stop me from hitting the remote and changing to a late night film. Anyway I see Morrissey's new release which last week went straight in at no.3 has dropped to no.18 this week. That's the problem of only having 7 friends - there are only so many copies they can buy - cynical, Moi?


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