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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Where will it all end?

I think last night's TV hit an all time low with Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey's frenetically hurling abuse at anyone within ear shot and as for the racist snides at the head waiter (well he is Belgian) If I'd been him I'd have decked Ramsey. Remember these supposedly 'A' list celebs are volunteers (apart from the fact that their agents have forcefully contracted them to do it for some obscene amount of filthy lucre - so they can't walk out). And as for 'A' list celebs apart from Belinda Carlisle who used to be a singer and Amanda Barrie who used to be in Coronation street and is currently playing a living corpse in Bad Girls (without the need for make up) who the hell are the rest? I've never heard of them.

Then we were treated to 30 minutes of drivell courtesy of 'Poor little rich Girls' where a 20 year old page 3 bimbo (I'm a glamour model - which is an euphemism for getting you tits out) who earns £2000 a day swops life for 2 weeks with a fat scouser who earns £200 per week as a haidresser. The Bimbo has to live in a council house in Liverpool with the hairdresser's family and work in a salon doing pensioners blue rinses. Meanwhile the scouser is living the life of reilley in Belgravia and can't wait to get her kit off for the cameras. Unfortunately she has neither the figure or the looks for this but for TV's sake someone is paying her a fortune (she can afford £200 for a bottle of vodka whilst clubbing) and I don't think it's the glamour shots company. And before any of you say why didn't I turn over, I'd already seen the news 3 times that evening, there was even worse trash on and besides I wanted to see the fat bird get her tits out!

Whilst the above was courtsey of ITV the sentiment applies to all channels and can I suggest that you read this letter from Toms Blog for Saturday 22rd May to the BBC. It sums up all!


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