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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bank Holiday Round up

Golf - Firstly Congratulations to Scot Drummond who won the Volvo PGA, an excellent performance from a rookle who only wanted to finish in the top 30 to retain his tour card for the season Scot is Scottish but live in Devon, so we can count it as a home win but even better Nick Faldo (Eng) and Darren Clark (NI) tied for 4th position, 2nd & 3rd were Johnny foreigners. I was fortunate to have Friday home, waiting for BT engineers to turn up -they never did- but it did mean a morning catching up on paperwork and an afternoon watching the second round of the golf.
Saturday morning saw my turn on the golf course and inspiration from watching the pro's. Par on holes one and two, but an over long tee shot on the 7th par 3 found me in long rough at the back of the green, a chip out on to the green and bugger me in she rolls for a birdie, two more pars on the back 9 made me more than happy and so home I went to watch an undisturbed afternoon's play from Wentworth with a six pack of Guinness (Belinda had gone to pick up the boy from school for half term)
Sunday didn't start so well. I do not recommend inserting a contact lens into your eye without first rinsing in a neutralising solution. Neat peroxide does horrible things to the inside of your eyelid and surface of the eyeball. Fortunately I managed to get it out before causing any lasting damage and dousing with cold water seemed to do the trick. That's the first time in 17 years of wearing lenses that I have ever done that, can't imagine what I was think of.
However I recovered enough for us to visit the cinema to see 'The day After Tommorrow' which is an excellent film for special effects but a crap story line - if you've seen Amagedon, Deep impact, Independence day, volcano and Twister then you've already seen this film.
Sunday Evening found us at a great party at the plume to celebrate Spikes 60th Birthday, thanks Spike it was a great evening.


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