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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Local comment - Marina

It was good to see a balanced report from Meridian on the local news on Friday night over the Hungerford Marina Project. I thought Ron Tarry came over very well and put his points for the case succinctly as did Nick Furr with his points against. However the whole thing was summed up for me by the canal users. 2 or 3 boat users were interviewed and said that for the boating community it would be a useful facility and improve services dramatically.
I still find it amazing that many people who live in the town are totally unaware of the location of the proposed marina. Belinda was asked last week if we had moved from Hopgrass because of the Marina being built at the bottom of our garden! This was from some one who often walks their dogs on the Marsh. She was quite surprised when the exact location was pointed out.
Anyway there is yet another public meeting in the corn exchange tomorrow night, along with he Downlands sub planning committee and WBC - lets hope a decision is made one way or another and that be the end to it.

If Myles is reading this, hope the op went well and wish a swift recovery, looking forward to getting you back on the golf course


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