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Monday, November 22, 2004


We went to see Jethro on Saturday night and my ribs still hurt from laughing 2 days later. However there where a couple of topics that he touched on that brought unanimous approval from the audience. The first was about Norfolk farmer Tony Martin who was jailed for shooting an intruder, Jethro's comment was that the only thing he did wrong was miss the second bugger, this brought applause and shouts of approval from the audience.
The second was whilst telling a joke about Germans, he explained how much he hated the Germans and that there was only on thing worse than the Germans - The French - at which the audience, made up equally male/female of various creed, race and colour spontaneously applaud, whistled and shouted agreement, especially when Jethro went on to explain that more French were injured in the last world cup than World war 11.
In this year
Ironic really that only last week Tony Blair was in Paris to celebrate 100 years of 'entente cordial'. I wonder if he should have taken a straw poll from the audience of one of Jethro's performances before he went, had he done so I think he would realise that entente cordial is a figment of the French's imagination.
Remember Agincourt!


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