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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Boris for PM?

I read an article in the mail yesterday by Quentin Letts, which made me think twice – ‘Boris Johnson for Prime minister or as the title heading for the article read ‘The bumbler –in –chief.’ It was on radio 4 on Friday that Jonathan Dimbleby hailed him as a possible future prime minister.
He has thousands of supporters; there is a Boris fan club and a Boris cartoon strip in private eye. There are Boris t-shirts; Boris badges and a forthcoming auto biography.
He scores higher recognition in opinion polls than any other Tory MP of his age group,(he is only 40 by the way) That mop of hair is unmissable and is a great asset. Moreover he appears to be widely liked and there are not many politicians who can say that. He is so much the object of fascination that his week, Max Hastings seriously proposed Johnson’s name as a future Conservative leader.
However a current shadow minister said ‘Lets get real, talk of Boris as leader, let alone a cabinet minister in charge of a major government department is simply, utterly, risible. It is only put about by people with no understanding of politics. It is 100% not possible’
Now let’s get real – we have an idiot for a prime minister, who is no more than a puppet for an American president (who has difficulty in knowing the location of any country outside the USA) and has ambitions to create a United States of Europe with himself and Cherie as president and first lady. We have a deputy prime minister who likes a punch up, a few beers, a lot of meat pies and has ambitions to completely cover the southern English countryside with houses and concrete.
I can no more suggest the idea of Boris being Prime Minister in anymore seriousness than proposing, Ian Hislop as deputy Prime Minister, Paul Merton as Chancellor and Angus Deyton as Alastair Campbell’s script writer and Phil Jupitas as foreign secretary, however on mentioning this in the Plume to the usual Sunday lunchtime crowd, all said that they would vote for him as he would make more sense than any other current politician and would be more entertaining than most, and just think of the material he could provide for Alastair McGowan
Maybe it’s not so improbable.


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