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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bank Holidays = Sorry we're closed

Why is it that in this age of supposedly 24-7 that it doesn't apply to bank holiday weekends. My son found it almost impossible to get a train on Sunday, and Monday, well if you wanted food in a Pub in Hungerford, forget it! Those were that were actually open where visited by the usual hoardes of tourists we get on Bank holidays, only to be told (once they'd ordered their drinks)that the kitchen was closed and a similar story no doubt all over the rest of rural England. It's the same any other time, go to the theatre or cinema (excepting cities) and try to get a meal after the show or any time passed 9.00pm. You're left with the choice of the local chinese. Indian or kebab van, even the Indian doesn't tkae orders after 10.30pm and as for getting a train after 11.00pm on a weekend, don't hold your breath. We went to the cinema last Saturday afternoon (to see the Bourne Supremecy - great film by the way) and stopped at a pub on the way home at 6.00pm only to be told that the kitchen doesn't take orders until 7.00pm -Bye!
Imagine this in Spain or France, you'd be lucky to get a meal in a restauraunt before 10.00pm, and you can get a meal in a bar anytime.
The reason is that publicans and transport mangers are too mean to pay overtime for workers to work on bank holidays. We all seem keen for 24 hour drinking but what about some food to go with it.


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