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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Phone Masts

Quin Parker posted yesterday an item concerning mortgages and phone masts. Basically the Cheltenham and Gloucester building society refused to lend a mortgage on a property because the master bedroom had a mobile phone mast directly above it. As Quin says I don't think anyone's actually published results that prove adverse effects from mobile phone mast radiation. What do the Cheltenham and Gloucester know about mobile phone masts that we don't?
Personally I don't have a problem with mobile masts, however what I do have a problem with is in this age of, video phones,camera phones, G3 phones that receive email and GPRS - I can't get a sodding signal in the middle of Hungerford or within 2 miles East. If I go west I have to wait until I get to Swindon before I can make a call.
I'm with BT mobile which offer a very good tarrif with 100 free minutes a month, I'm not a big user of mobiles, only making a mobile call when absolutely necessary, but when I do want to make a call I can never get a signal. I spend more in petrol than I do on calls driving around looking for coverage. BT's customer services called me the other day and asked why I didn't use up my free air time, apparently I've accumulated 600 minutes of free air time.
You can Imagine what I said


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