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Monday, September 20, 2004

Country Comment

I have been extremley busy of late, hence the lack of postings, in between my day job and my battle with the local council and objector twats over my planning development I am writing a novel. Something I've been meaning to do for years and have now got round to it, however this means I haven't had much time for posting, so I'm a bit behind on the topics.
However last week's main conversation piece was The Ban on Hunting. Now I don't intend to get into one over the rights and wrongs of Hunting, I have ridden to Hounds many times a few years back and support many other field sports and the Countyside Alliance, equally I don't believe the Hunting fraternity do themselves any favours when commenting in public. However what pisses me off is the time, effort and determination that this government is puting into this just to win a few votes.
If they exuded the same determination over tackling crime, illegal immigration, drugs, funding in the NHS, reducing taxes and putting more police on the streets as they have done over this bill then all our problems would be solved and this would be a better country for it.
And as for the Right to Roam Bill- GERROF MY LAND!


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