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Monday, October 04, 2004

Good for Jonny

I've just heard that Lonny Wilkinson is to succeed Lawrence Delagio as England's rugby captain..........not sure about that, I'm going to have to think this one through before making comment one way or another.
I've had a number of prople asking me why I have been posting lately, the reasons are:
1. The above is the first thing that I've found of any interest for a while.
2. I'm writing 10,000 words a week for my novel in my spare time and don't feel like posting or being creative during the week.
3. Apparently I'm not allowed to talk to or socialise with any member of the Town Council for fear of accusations of colusion, and therefore I am unable to write about anything which pisses me off currently, which usually concerns local politics.
4.I quite fancy one of the barmaids at the Plume, this is not an excuse for not posting, I just thought it worth mentioning as I beleive I'm not alone on this one.


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