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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hard Luck Lee

Well, inspite of the weather forecast we managed to get in a round of golf on saturday morning without getting wet, and I was quite happy with my perfromance even though it was a friendly. Quite a contrast to coming home and watching the world matchplay competition from Wentworth for the rest of the weekend. I don't think there's much left of my fingernails (or Harringtons thumb) especially after today as Lee Westwood took it up to the 16th hole before Ernie Ells pulled out a magnificent put to seal the game. Mind you Lee still goes home with £400 grand in his pockets so I wouldn't think he would be too upset.
Well done to the BBC for televising the entire competition live with just the correct amount of time on Sunday for a visit to the pub, several Guinessess and back home in time to see the start of the final round. However it would have been nice to see Lee Westwood win it.


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