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Monday, June 21, 2004

Weekend round up

As I mentioned Friday was B's birthday and so we had an excellent meal with our good friends at the Plume, nice to see a few old faces not seen for a while.
Saturday was as predicted- the dreaded Speech day - we arrived half an hour late, having completely missed the chapel service and were into the first 15 minutes of the 'picnic' lunch. We dutifully laid out the rug and the scrumptious fare that B had got up early (9.30)to prepare when it pissed down. Now the advantage of our car is that you can just put the rear seats down and lay everything out as it was in the centre and pull down side seats and carry on in a civilized manner. Not so the others who had meticulously laid out their fare on carefully erected tables with white table clothes etc. It did make me smile as I chomped on a pork pie washed down with cava.
The speech/prizegiving was as expected though my hands didn't bleed through applauding but my ears bled instead. The Chairman of the governor's spoke for 40 minutes, the Headmaster for 45 mins then the Guest speaker for a further 30 minutes and then the prize giving to 36 recipients.
Needless to say the second this event was over, although we were tempted to view the various displays and attend the demonstrations and performances, prior to tea being served an hour later, we scarpered along with 75% of the parents who have been doing this for the last 5 years.


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