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Friday, June 11, 2004

Something about a match

I can't help noticing a number of vehicles with a St.Georges cross flag protruding from their windows. Upon asking a friend who's considered knowledgeable on all matters sporting (Sid) he informs me that there is some sort of football match this weekend. Now I do not follow football and have not the slightest interest in the game (sorry Jack) unlike Rugby, which is the true game. So I enquired further and asked who we were playing in this obviously important cup final event.- Well apparently it's France and its the start of Euro 2004 which is a friendly and we haven't actually qualified for anything yet. So why has half the country been driving around displaying a flag for the last week, I thought you only did this when we won something eg The Rugby World Cup!
Well I'm all for a dust up with the French whatever the sport -so good luck Chaps, just don't put every match of Euro 2004 on terrestial TV on every channel for the entire evenings during the whole series!
By the way did I mention the rugby - England v New Zealand this weekend, oh and I'll be playing golf tomorrow and I bet there'll be some berk with a flag attached to his trolley. Hmm must get some new balls


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