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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Weather Gripe

Now this really pisses me off, Newspaper headlines 'Phew what a swelter' and 'Hottest day on record (so far this year)' even though the day before was the hottest day this year before this one and no doubt next week we will have another record hottest day of the year next week - its only June for Christsake! it's supposed to be warm in June, that's why they call it flaming June.
The Breakfast TV has some weather forecaster informing us that Today will reach 30 degrees C and we should all wear factor 100 sun block and not go out in the sun. Then they go on to tell us what to wear to keep cool, what sort of materials are beneficial, what to eat and what to drink. What they forget is that many of us actually have to work for a living (or in Grocer Jack's case attending Project Management Foundation courses)and that the majority work indoors, arriving at work before 9.00 and getting home at 6.00 (unless one stops for a pint on the way home).
In other words we don't see the sodding sun and certainly don't get the chance to go and lay in some park and sunbathe along with dozens of herberts who have taken a sickie because the suns out! We get weekends for that, so that we can play golf and have BBQ's and get rained on!
It would make boring news if they did this abroad. One doesn't need to look at the weather forecast in Spain or Southern France, you know the sun's going to shine. But we get one day at 30c and the media is full of the fact that this is hotter this day than Malaga, Athens, Corfu or Madrid - so what! Petrol, food, booze and fags are half the price in these countries and every day is in the high 20's - now if they could arrange it so that it was 30c every Saturday, Sunday and Bank holiday now that would be good news!


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