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Friday, June 18, 2004

This new country and speech day

Well I did go to the Pelican yesterday and watched the first half of the match, well I had to as there was a plasma screen at every angle I looked at, amid people of all ages dressed in red and white with painted faces chanting the name of a new country apparently taking part in Euro 2004 - Ing-ger-land! They even have re recorded come on Eileen (Dexies MR) using the same phonetic pronunciation. Where is this country and why do they have so many supports here?

Well tomorrow is son's school speech day. The one day of the year I hate. It reminds me off my own ,sitting there for hours watching all the clever herberts going up on stage,shaking hands with the headmaster and governors and receiving a book or a cup, knowing that I'll never be called up, embarrassed for my parents for having to go throughout the ritual having driven several hours just to be there, They gave up coming eventually, so I used to skive of and catch the train home.
speech days are a bit different these days, certainly at Dom's School, starting at 10.00am with various concerts in the marquee from recitals from the choral society to a collection of Glenn Miller from the brass band. 11.45 a full church service in the marquee until 12.30 when one breaks for lunch, the majority being taken in the grounds, the sumptuous contents being meticulously laid out on portable picnic furniture, with china and silver cutlery with glasses and a chilled Bollinger served from the back of the latest Range Rover or BMW MX5 as if it was polo at Smiths Lawn.
This is a good time to arrive, having missed the morning proceedings and pulling up next to one of these shining chariots in our 7 year old Land Rover Discovery (TDi!) which is generally used up at the stables, just as they are preparing their feast. Out with the sandwiches and cava served on a rug on the grass- I just love the looks. - OK we used to do the proper bit when Dom was at prep school, but now can't be bothered.
Then there's 2 hours of the delight of prize giving when after the 40th recipient your hand start to bleed from applauding - the whole proceedings culminating in afternoon tea (luke warm) served on the lawn ( weather permitting) before we can finally escape - oh I can't wait.


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