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Monday, June 14, 2004

Weekend Round up

Well, we got stuffed by the Kiwis and the Frogs, seriously decimated by the All Blacks on their home turf, which was not to be unexpected as I think they are the strongest Rugby team in the world and we are fielding a young squad in order to bring them on replacing the retired stalwarts, So what was England's excuse in Portugal?

Musically Friday night is usually pretty good on the TV, however with the amount of new bands around why does Top of the Pops still turn out the inane drivel that they call R&B, which now just seems to consist of ganster rap. TOTP used to be based on the charts and introducing new bands with current releases. This task now seems left to the more mature experts and shows such as Jonathan Ross and Jools Holland. JR had the Cure doing a live set and a new single plus and old number,great to see the Cure again but whilst they haven't changed musically or looks wise, Robert Smith has eaten all the pies and become a bloaty.
Jools had the excellent Keane, Donna Summer, Jet and best of all - Toots and the Maytals, who are still giving it all after 40 years. The producer of TOTP would do well to watch these programmes where artist actually perform live!

Didn't play golf this weekend as I had a bit of a turn early Saturday Morning due to mucking about with my medication dosages and had to cancel, so spent the weekend sat in the sun on the patio with a good book and a jug of Pimms.


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