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Friday, June 18, 2004

So where's Brazil in all this?

According to Ananova: British women are Europe's least hairy in Europe.
But their German counterparts are the hairiest, according to a survey by razor manufacturer Wilkinson.
A Europe-wide study from the company looked at the hair-removal habits of 1,000 women.
The survey found British girls are the ones who undertake the most hair removal, with more than 93% saying they use razors before wearing skirts and shorts for the summer.
Germans fell way behind with just 40% saying they regularly shaved. This however shows an improvement of seven per cent from studies carried out two years ago.
Spanish women ranked just behind the British with 82% preferring the smooth to the natural look. French and Italian ladies lay in the middle - but with more shaving than not.
Now what i Want to know is how many of you girls use your husband/boyfriends razor to defoliate and then put it back where you found it in the bathroom, only for us to rip open a 3" tear along our cheek bone because our twin bladed lubraglide with self adjusting headpiece technologically designed hi-tech piece of shaving equipment is clogged with pubic hairs?


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