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Monday, June 21, 2004

Fathers day

Well I got a card! Sunday morning saw a bright and Sunny start and the first shot off the 1st tee was true and straight and just short of the green which was very contenting. I was playing match play with El Presidente Manuel (the 3 man ruling military junta of The People's Republic of Eddington) and was 2 up until I blew the 7th and 9th so we ended with a most deserving draw (Just wait till next week you revolutionist swine!)
I spent a most agreeable lunch time in the Plume with the usual crowd and celebrated fathers day (in the same way we celebrate every Sunday Lunchtime) when my son came in and bought me a pint, which made it very special as it's not often he put's his hand in in his pocket. ( By the way son you still owe me £10 for mum's birthday present - he reads this blog at school).


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