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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Other stuff

Well to bring you up to date I am now working from home until my contract finishes in December, so I have been looking for a job for the first time in 20 years. However there is talk of a new contract which I may or may not get, I have submitted my proposal but will not know if I ghet it until December and it won't start until March next year, so I still have to find something in the meantime. I hear there's a part-time job going in the pro shop at the golf club, I could apply for that, should be a laugh.

Other than that I've been spending all my time on the guitars, which is turning from a hobby to and obsession, currently have 4 projects in various stages of rebuild. I'm afraid it's taking over from my golf although I did manage to watch most of the Ryder Cup which was the best ever, well done Europe.

I notice Bob Gray has a new website which is worth a visit. I will add a link to my side bar shortly, in the meantime just click above.

Finally I am going to end this blog in its current format and look at alternative web pages which are more flexible. I'm arfaid it will be still self indulgent and may be more guitar biased. Entering my 50th year I feel some changes need to be made so this maybe a good way of chartering them.

I will post a link to the new website when it's complete - don't hold you breath- I may be sometime!


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