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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Birthday Boy

Firstly apologies to my regulars for not bloging recently, there has been so much going on.
Congrats to Dominic (1st left in the pic) who was 18 last weekend. He had aparty at home, an experience I would not like to repeat. pictures are at the start of the party and at the end just prior to Dom passing out. As always there was the damage assement period the following morning when we came down to find bodies strewn all over the house and every piece of furniture which was suitable being used as a bed. The damage could have been a lot worse, a mirror, the leg off a chaise longue, a favoutite antique bowl and several wet patches on the carpet.

So all in all slightly less than one of our own parties.
Anyway he's back at college now with his driving test on Tuesday, please pass Dom so that I no longer have to do the college run, Good Luck. Posted by Picasa


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