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Friday, August 18, 2006


Well due to heavy work commitments I have not been able to blog for some time so I apologise and will try and bring things up to date:

Golf: Playing regularly and well at the momment, seemed to have found my old form.

Celebrated my 49th Birthday on Weds, thanks for remembering Den.

Guitars: three projects on the go at the moment, can't bring myself to sell any so currently I now have 12. I seem to spend most of my time spraying in the garage. The only problem is that everything else in there gets a coating as well.

Dominic: Failed his driving test on Monday. Spent last week in France clearing out an old town property near Grenoble which a friend of his has bought which has been unoccupied for 30 years. It consist of a cafe/bar and everything was as it was when they closed 30 years ago even table cloths on the table. Everything was being skipped and Dom notice a guitar hanging on the wall. Of course he brought it home for me, a bit of a state but it'll make a great project, complete with dust and rust, bless him

He even manage to blag a job out there for the Ski season next year after he finishes college next June!

Work: Very busy at the moment preparing for this year's Super Computing show in Florida. This is my last contract with the DTI so come December I will be officially unemployed, so if anyone has a position in the Hungerford/Newbury area I am up for it, anything considered as long as it pays shit loads of money.

Hartley the horse had an accident a few weeks ago and nearly lost an eye, but after a short spell in horse hospital and a ton of drugs he has fully recovered and will be fit to ride this weekend.
Giving hime the tablets was fun, he had to take 50 per day for 10 days, 25 in the morning and 25 evening. These had to be crushed and mixed in with his food. which meant several evening with a hammer and rolling pin making up doses.

Scored an excellent 4 burner gas BBQ on ebay recently which arrived in 2 seperate boxes only problem was they were delivered 2 weeks apart and after six hours assembly I was very happy with my purchase - It's rained every day since!


At 1:32 pm, Blogger Steve W said...

Nice update! Quite envious of what Dom's been up to, and his winter plans.
The thought of you spraying in the garage is a bit disturbing though.



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