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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Are we a Racist Country

Some people may take offence to this posting, certainly none is intended, however something has been occurring over the last couple of years which leads me to believe that we may be subliminally racist.
The spate reality TV shows have grown massively recently and there are many of them where the public must vote one for a particular person, whether it be a celebrity or aspiring pop star. Shows such as Big Brother, Pop Idol, X Factor, I'm a celebrity GMOOH all start out we a number of contestants, a percentage of which are coloured. Now as far as I know a coloured person has never won any reality show where the winner has been exclusively voted for by the public and quite often they are the first to be voted off.
Most recently in I'm a celebrity GMOOH both Sheila Ferguson and Huggy Bear were nominated for eviction right from the beginning and indeed were evicted one after each other. In both editions of pop idol there have been a number of excellent black performers who get through to the final 3 or 4 but when it comes down to the voting process the general public will go for the white contestant.
It was interesting that in last week's MTV awards, nearly all the winners were Black performers or Bands, even though white acts were nominated in almost every category. However the voting was from across the whole of Europe, with the event being held in Rome and the voting taking place over a number of weeks. In contrast This weekends' top 10 records of 2004 were all white acts and voted for by telephone on the night.
My theory is that the voting public is largely made up of white late middleaged viewers whilst on Early Saturday night's the young coloured population are out doing something antisocial!


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