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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Doctors issue stark warning on obesity

Forget the traditional image of the beautiful "English rose" -- by 2020 one third of girls will be obese, according to a report published today. One fifth of boys will also be obese and at least one third of adults.
Ok I had a gripe about this last week, when I suggested Junk food should carry government health warnings similar to cigarette packs, but a part of the blame can also apportioned to schools and government cut backs.
At all my schools from primary to secondary we had sport every day. Ok one day it might have only been PE, running around a gym with a medicine ball. But the next day it would be soccer, rugby, hockey (an evil sport) and even worse cross country runs ( at least you could sneak a crafty fag (that's a cigarette to US readers) on the way round and in the summer months - whoopee athletics! My legs ache at the very thought.
Kids today are lucky if they get one sport session a week and certainly no PE at primary level. They are then offered a diet of burgers, chips, pizzas and coke from school canteens.

I don't think we need to look far to go some way to solving the problem.


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