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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Police hunt woman in breast implant sting

ROME (Reuters) - An Italian woman who had her breasts enlarged with the biggest silicone implants available is being hunted by police after she skipped out on the 7,500 euro (5,000 pound) plastic surgery bill.
Police say they have few leads as the woman used a false name but are relying on a photograph and her unusually large bra size to find her, a newspaper reported on Thursday.
The woman did a runner from the exclusive private hospital in Rome a day after the two-hour operation which doubled her bust size, her plastic surgeon Jamal Salhi told the Corriere della Sera. "Unfortunately this kind of fraud isn't that unusual," Salhi lamented.

(crox) Unfortunatley I do not have any photos, but I would imagine she would find it hard to hide behind a lampost


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