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Monday, February 09, 2004

Bored of the Rings

In spite of the title of this post, I did enjoy the final part, Return of the King, yesterday, however after 3 hours and nearing the end , I was screaming inside - just get on with it!. Having read the book 30 years ago I have a vivid memory of every chapter of the Trllogy, and I have been delighted that the films have reflected every aspect and characters in a way that I had imagined Middle Earth to be all those years ago.
The only problem is anyone who has read the book knows what happens in the end! (That spoilt the Titanic film for me- I thought Holywood always changes the true facts!) and it was the end which was disappointing - there's Sam and Frodo half way up Mount Doom, which happens to be an active Volcano with an almost vertical face, with about 4,000 feet to go when Sam declares "Oi may not by able to carry your burden Master but I can carry you" he then proceeds to cover the next 4,000ft in about 10 seconds carrying Frodo, despite being near death. Frodo fights with Gollum, ring goes in fire, Volcano erupts and they find a rock to lay on until rescue.
Rather spoilt it for me.


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