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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Nick Backs Women in Golf

Nick Faldo -The man I admire most in Golf - has announced that he backs Women competing with men in the major tournaments. I have to say I am entirely in agreement with this, especially after seeing Anika Sorenstam play at the colonial PGA tour event last year becoming the first women player in 58 years to play a PGA event -she's a real stunner and I'd like to play a round with her any time.

Former world number one Laura Davies will become the first woman to play in an Australasian or European men's tour event when she tees up for the ANZ Championship next week at the Horizons Golf Resort north of Sydney. Unfortunately she does not have the equal blessings of beauty of Anika.

However if we are to allow women to compete on equal terms I think a dress code should be introduced. It should be compulsory for all women competitors to wear plaid mini skirts and thong. This will ensure maximum spectatorsand TV coverage as picking up balls after a put would cause a camera frenzy!


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